3D skeneris Duo Scan



duo Scan is a 3D scanner for the digitalization of models of ear impression and was designed for daily use in the acoustician’s shop. With its small modern housing, the system-independent scanner can be easily set up in every workplace. The modest design and the pleasant operating volume are just two advantages for setting up the device inside the shop.

The scanner is indispensable for simplifying the workflows in individual shops or hearing aid chains. The short scanning time enables a high daily throughput and does away with having to send models of impression by mail. The digital workflow also offers a great advantage for the recipient of the scan data, as the administrative effort is minimized.

The fact that subsequent fees are omitted is also noteworthy. With the one-time investment in the scanner, the amortization is only a matter of time thanks to the savings in sending and administrative fees, and it represents real savings in terms of time and money.

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